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You're Selling Your Home...

There are many reasons that people decide to sell their homes.  Some are by choice and others are out of necessity:

  • Your family is growing and you need a bigger house!!
  • That job transfer came through and you are leaving the area.
  • The kids are grown and out on their own and you want a smaller house.
  • You want to relocate to another part of the country to be closer to family.
  • Financial conditions and the economy make it necessary to downsize.

Whatever the reason, there are certain steps you can take to make the selling process smoother and ensure a quicker sale.

The first step is to enlist the help of a Realtor.  Referrals from friends or family are a good place to start.  If someone you know has had a successful relationship with a Realtor, you will want to contact them.  Realtors who have properties for sale in your neighborhood should also be considered….they already know your area.

You may want to interview several Realtors to compare the marketing and services they offer….you will want someone who will work WITH you to sell your home.  The Realtors will meet with you for a “listing presentation” where they will present their plan for selling your home.  They should listen to your story about why you are selling, what your expected timeline is and what price you expect to receive.

They will outline their marketing strategy, which usually includes several phases:

  • Listing your home in the Multiple Listing Service, thus making it available to thousands of Realtors at one time.
  • Conducting Open Houses on a regular basis.  This can also include Broker’s Open Houses where local Realtors are invited to preview your home.
  • Getting your home on the Internet using as many websites as possible and including photographs and virtual tours so that prospective buyers can see your home online.  This is an essential part of any marketing strategy, because 87% of buyers begin their home search on the Internet.

The more exposure your home receives, the better the chances are that it will sell in a timely manner.


Working as a team, you expect your Realtor to do his or her best to sell your home.  As a team member, you can also help in the process:

  1. Price the property competitively.  Homes sell quickest that are priced at or just below comparable active and sold properties in the area.  Holding out for an unrealistically high price will delay the sale and may allow your home to become “stale” so that, after a few weeks, it is not being shown.
  2. Be willing to consider offers based upon FHA/VA terms.  Government loans give many buyers a head start on being able to afford a home.
  3. Make showing the home as easy as possible.  This means allowing the Realtor to put a lock box on your door and permitting showings with as little notice as possible.  The easier it is to show your home, the more showings you will have.
  4. Keep the home in showing condition.  Make the beds each morning, put dishes in the dishwasher, pick up clothes, towels, toys and keep your house as uncluttered as possible.  These things provide a distraction to buyers and create an overall bad impression.
  5. Keep pets at bay.  Remember, as cute as Fluffy or Fido is to you, there are people who are afraid of or allergic to cats and dogs.  Be available to put the dog outside while the home is being shown or keep cats and dogs in pet-friendly cages while you’re at work.
  6. You’ve probably heard the term “curb appeal”.   Look at the front of your house from the street and driveway.  Size it up as objectively as possible and ask yourself if the front of your home invites buyers to want to see what’s inside.
  7. Make those minor repairs you’ve been meaning to do.  If you decide to paint or add new carpet, keep an eye toward marketing your home to the most people.  Avoid unusual colors or styles that might clash with a prospective buyer’s taste.


Your agent is on your side and doesn’t get paid until you get results.  Advice from a professional is useless unless you take it!