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How Your Real Estate Business Can Benefit Massively From Instagram

How Your Real Estate Business Can Benefit Massively From Instagram

As businesses all over the world in all industries flock to the internet for marketing – the world of real estate has also had a similar experience. The internet offers a great platform to real estate agents for generating leads and increasing sales. Social media in particular has been very conductive to real estate agents. Websites like Facebook and even Twitter continue to be used for marketing. However, there’s one platform that offers more exposure than any other place on the internet. And it’s Instagram.

Instagram is a fast growing social media platform with more than 500 million users and more than 4 billion likes per month. If you’re looking for a platform to get your business and listings noticed – Instagram can be your ideal resource.

When it comes to real estate, Instagram operates completely differently from Twitter or Facebook. It offers an engagement rate that is 10 times higher. Moreover, the demographic that you can target via Instagram also tends to be more affluent in general. There’s a reason why all the top-notch producing agents are making use of Instagram to market their real estate business! Instagram enables you to make many different processes of your business marketing much more efficient, as well as giving you a bigger and much more diverse audience. Be it staying in touch with older clients, or reaching out to new ones – Instagram is the ideal platform to do it all.

In this article, we break down all the reasons why we can objectively conclude that Instagram is the best social media platform for promoting your real estate business:

Agents Are Getting Many Different Kinds of Leads From Instagram:

There’s a range of different kinds of people on Instagram that can make use of your real estate services. These include:

  • Referral clients who were tagged on Instagram by a mutual connection.
  • New clients who discover your real estate Instagram profile.
  • Former clients who stay in touch with you online
  • Buyers out of town who are vying for homes in the area.
  • Realtors out of town who are vying for referral agents in your area.
  • Local Buyers vying for homes in the area.
  • Local homeowners looking to sell.

A Massive Potential Audience

  • Instagram data provided a great insight into the immense potential audiences you can reach through Instagram.
  • 300 Million users daily
  • More than half of all millennials are on Instagram every day
  • 2 Billion likes per day
  • 30% Of the total US population uses Instagram
  • 500 Million users monthly
  • 216,000 photos posted every minute

If you look at these stats not just as mere numbers and analyze them a little, you will realise that Instagram is offering a massive target audience that very few social media platforms can help you reach. You can use this to benefit your business tremendously. The one thing that makes Instagram so widely used it its mobility. In fact, it wasn’t even possible to use Instagram on a PC until recently. This has made Instagram an extremely portable and effective application that you’ll find downloaded on pretty much every phone.

The slick interface and user-friendly layout offered by Instagram also contribute to the exceptional engagement level that Instagram continues to maintain.

Real Estate Prospecting

It will help to view Instagram as the modern cold-calling, door knocking and mailing. Instagram essentially wraps up all three of these crucial thing since just one simple package. You can offer leads on Instagram, and when you find someone, you will be offering all the information about your brand required by your lead in a simple and accessible manner.

In order to prospect on Instagram, you just have to search in terms of location. You can then get access to a list that covers all local residents. Make it a point to interact with at least 20 local posts per day. Also make sure to only write comments that are genuine. Any other form of interaction may be seen as spammy and inauthentic.

So many things wrapped up into just one – and costing you nothing apart from your time!

Event Marketing

Instagram is a visual platform, and one thing it is consequently great for is event marketing! If you happen to be hosting networking agents, happy hours, or another kind of gathering regularly – you can maximize your audience with the help of Instagram! It’d be very helpful to have a videographer and photographer so they can capture the best moments, disintegrate them into several pieces and make them Instagram centric. You can add a catchy caption followed by a call to action, and voilà, you’re reaching out to customers in an ideal way.

Real Estate Branding

Branding is an important aspect of any business. And there’s no better way to brand your business than Instagram. You a use Instagram to hunmanize your business. Moreover, you can use social media influencers to further your marketing strategy and get more exposure. Communicating and marketing via pictures is also especially conductive to a real estate business. You can use Instagram to tell a visual story about your business and hence reach out to new prospects easily.

Real Estate Referrals

Referrals are an added bonus when using Instagram to promote your business. Instagram is a great space for real estate agents to acquire referrals. You can earn your referrals in different ways. For one, if you make the effort to build long lasting and sincere connections with other real estate agents on Instagram, you can get referrals in an easy and convenient way. In order to maximize this aspect, you must ensure that your Instagram brand seems professional, friendly and memorable. If you’re able to get this right, you can easily become the go to agent to agents that are outside of town too.

The other way to get referrals on Instagram is to build a connections with former clients who happen to follow your of your content keeps popping on their timelines, and if your content is good – they’ll more likely to just tag their friends in your posts to refer you.


Craig Bjurquist

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