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The top 7 criterion to choose a realtor for buying or selling Dunedin realty

The top 7 criterion to choose a realtor for buying or selling Dunedin realty

Dunedin’s property prices have flattened considerably since last year, which is the reason why the trend of buying houses in the country’ biggest cities are gradually catching up. In fact, in December alone the House Price Index for the region saw a rise of 1.3 per cent – about 51.5 per cent than the last decade. The housing market in Dunedin has shown no signs of slowing down and as property values continue to rise, the sales activity is stated to remain strong. Even in the past three months the rise in valuation of the city homes has shown a steep rise of 14.6 per cent. Hence, the time is right to buy a Dunedin realty that offers a much lower entry level for investment as a seemingly much less pricing point when compared to other central cities.

Properties are selling quickly in the city and if you’re prepared to buy or sell real estate, then the next step in this course would be to choose a realtor. Consider what your situation is at present and realize your goals to ensure that you make the correct real estate decision. These understandings include making quick sales to maximize profit or even finding discounted realty that generates a good amount of cash flow each month. These agents tend to vary; hence you must choose the right real estate agent who can understand your varying needs.

Factors to consider for Dunedin realtors

Building up the relationship

Real estate professionals have a role similar to your doctor or lawyer who has to work in your best interest. They are acting on your behalf and must be guided by principles such as loyalty and confidentiality, good faith, material disclosure, and more. Note that you do not require a real estate agent to actually seal your transactions, which is why you can also do your own homework to reduce commission rates.

They work a lot

The Dunedin realtor that you want to consider will do considerable things on your behalf – finding the ideal properties, locating the right buyer, perform price comparison, provide experienced recommendations regarding the pricing, work on the negotiations, ensure that they network, and finally look into the proper submission of the documentation, money, and the forms which will eventually save you a lot of the associated costs and the stress.

Specialization matters

The common trend with properties is buying and selling through real estate transactions and there are specialized agents to do so. The expertise of a realtor can be with property investment, foreclosures, or even dealing with luxury spaces. Their area of specialization and experience can be based upon the kind of transactions that they normally do. It is good to work with specialists that are familiar with the area and the community in particular. Knowing the recent trends of the region and the economy also helps. However, note that realtors aren’t the typical real estate agents that you can find in plenty. They are accredited to the Dunedin Realty Association and hence are entirely trustworthy.

Feeling overwhelmed?

You need to take a deep breath and start your search for the Dunedin realtor. Seek recommendations from your family and friends that have had similar experiences. It is good to probe into questions to understand the scenario as you will be working closely with the agent. These interpersonal associations are extremely crucial to ensure that you choose the right professional.

Understand your criteria

Some people like to spend a lot of time knowing the realtor. Others will seek the agent who has a thorough insight about these transactions, are punctual, and keep them informed through every stage of the process. There are a lot of realtors that you can find near you. Look for the one that suits your needs the best. In case you are unsure about whether they are the one, simply keep asking questions until you find yourself able to decide on hiring them.

Communication is golden

Nothing works better in the field than interacting with clients. For a Dunedin realtor, the most prized possession is the ability to communicate things about the prospects. If you do not know about what lay ahead in terms of the results, you will not be able to find out what to expect. Similarly, the professional involved should also be able to meet your expectations. This is highly important especially if you’re an investor for the first time. Buying and selling experiences in real estate is important to realize what should work the best for you. If the realtor does not see eye to eye, it is advisable to walk away. Staying back with your choice and later regretting can be just an expensive mistake to commit.

Look for value

When buying your dream property, the contribution of a Dunedin realty expert can be a valuable asset. If you’re able to find the right real estate professional, you can suffice the commission that they charge. They should be able to suggest realistic prices accumulated from the several lists of agencies that they work with. Working with professionals will ensure that the pricing of the home is worth the investment, making the transactions less time consuming and stressful.

Dunedin city features miles of picturesque shoreline and is a delightful place to live. The region is located in Florida West and whether you’re looking for a downtown property or a beachfront home, there is an abundance of choices. When contemplating Dunedin realty, make sure you have a thorough check into the essential requisites before making a call. Compared to the home pricings in the rest of the country, the average residential cost is incredibly affordable in the city.

The market imbalance has been overcomes since 2007 and the opportunities in real estate investment in Dunedin is continuing to rise each year. Having the scope to work with a realtor only improves your chances of landing the best buying and selling deals in the region.


Craig Bjurquist

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