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Clearwater Homes for Sale – A Golden Investment Opportunity

Clearwater Homes for Sale – A Golden Investment Opportunity

Over the last couple of years, prices in the real estate market have increased drastically. Due to the over increasing prices, real estate investors are concerned about the market trend in the United States. This trend is also being witnessed in Clearwater, Florida. Some real estate experts are also of the view that this upward trend may lead to a downfall in the real estate market in the entire USA. Clearwater real estate is also getting affected to a great extent, but the fact is, Clearwater homes are still a great investment opportunity.

Clearwater homes at the waterfront provide some unique features to the investors and these should be kept in mind while purchasing. There are 4 main areas where you can find Clearwater homes for sale including Island Estates, North Beach Area, Sand Key Area, and South Beach Area. These areas have a large number of homes that you can purchase.

Features of Clearwater Homes

Clearwater homes boast a wide range of features that should be looked while investing in a home.



Clearwater homes have seawalls that act as a divider between the water and the home. Some seawalls have cement cap on their top. This wall is only available at homes that are in the Clearwater Beach area. Houses in other areas will not have this seawall. While buying a home in Clearwater Beach area, look for any damages to the seawall. These are very expensive to replace so you should make sure that it is in its best shape.

Dock or Boat Lift

Clearwater homes are most likely to have a dock or a boat lift (also known as davits). This boat lift makes it easier to lift or lower the boat to the home. This is mostly for those houses on the canal. You should get them checked by a professional person. They will inspect all the cables and the condition of the dock altogether. However, if the cables need replacement, they don’t cost much money.

Moreover, you should check all the doors, windows, floor, and walls properly to know that the home you are looking to purchase, is a good value for the money.

How to Find the Right Clearwater Home?

As mentioned earlier, there are different Clearwater homes for sale that you can choose. However, the whole process can be time-consuming if you don’t hire the services of a professional Clearwater real estate agent. A professional Clearwater real estate agent will provide you with all the available listings and help you get the right home at the best possible price.

Clearwater real estate has the potential to offer you highly profitable returns. Each year, thousands of tourists visit the area and prefer Clearwater homes for their residence. You can start getting your return on investment within the first month of your purchase. If you are intrigued by the real estate market trend in Clearwater, you should contact BB Realtors. We are experts in the area and have a large inventory of Clearwater homes.



Craig Bjurquist

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