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10 places to satisfy the foodies in downtown Dunedin FL

10 places to satisfy the foodies in downtown Dunedin FL

Good food is probably the most important thing in life. Everything else can be compromised but the taste and quality of food is a must requirement for foodies. Finding satisfying restaurants is quite a task when you're traveling. Here is a list of 10 places in downtown Dunedin fl that will offer you the best food in town.

Cafe Alfresco

344 Main St. On the Pinellas Trail Dunedin FL 34698-5732

+1 727-736-4299

If you're into Italian style American food. Cafe Alfresco is the perfect spot in downtown Dunedin fl. The atmosphere and ambiance are perfectly uplifting. You'll find unique food items in this cafe such as the scallops which are very widely loved.

Home Plate

234 Douglas Ave. Dunedin FL 34698-7910

+1 727-953-9812

This Mexican eatery is the place for health-conscious foodies. You can find breakfast meals that will be refreshing. energetic as well as healthy. You'll find a good variety on the menu.

Clear Sky Draught Haus

680 Main St. Dunedin FL 34698-5847

+1 727-286-6266

This bar is a kid-friendly place that accepts customers from morning till late at night. Other than being a pub. it is an American style diner that also offers vegan and gluten-free options!

Benedict's Restaurants

2676 Bayshore Blvd. Dunedin FL 34698-1844

+1 727-736-1600

Get in here for your vegan breakfast in downtown Dunedin fl. You can find all sorts of traditional breakfast options here. The best part. it serves late breakfast to accommodate the people who aren't really a morning person!

Delco's Original Steaks and Hoagies

1701 Main St. Dunedin FL 34698-6402

+1 727-738-4700

The steakhouse that serves the best fast food has got to be Delco's. Enjoy the cheese steak sandwich. Philly cheese steak. and other hot meals at reasonable prices.


1714 County Road 1 Dunedin FL 34698-3955

+1 727-738-1510

Open from 7 am to 2 pm. you can fit in Bonnie's breakfast and lunch meals on your trip. If you don't. you're surely missing out!


319 Main St. Dunedin FL 34698-5733

+1 727-736-5284

Kelly's is another vegan option for health freaks. It is most famous for its amazing breakfast but it is also a bar.

The Black Pearl

315 Main St
Dunedin FL 34698

(727) 734-3463


The Black Pearl is a great fine dining option for people who want a romantic getaway in downtown Dunedin fl. Other than the dim lights and romantic ambiance. the food quality is amazing too. Their special Black Pearl salad is a very famous option and for all the right reasons.

Happy's Bayou Bites

431 Skinner Blvd
Dunedin FL 34698

(727) 240-1102


Looking for those cozy vibes but also want to enjoy the sun? Well. Happy's Bayou Bites will serve you food in their outdoor or indoor seating. Try their oyster basket or crispy crawfish sausage bites which are a personal favorite.

Lucky Lobster

941 Huntley Ave
Dunedin FL 34698

(727) 228-1222

Business websiteluckylobsterco.com

This is a rather traditional American restaurant cum cafe that serves delicious seafood. Pro tip: Enjoy some freebies if it's your birthday!


Craig Bjurquist

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